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Recommend to friend that cool page!
The QUICKER way ...

Gone are the days of having to login, compose, edit and send in order to share cool web-sites with friends!

With That Cool Page, our free firefox addon that enables you to share with friends the quicker way!

And it's sooo easy to use it's ridiculous!

So say you're surfing amazon, or whatever, and you find a cool offer or product you think a friend would appreciate.

Click here --->

In firefox (once installed) and a popup window will appear.

Much like this one [click here].

Works with any web-site on the internet!

Then all you need to do is type in a few details in the form (to and from), and bingo .. job done.

It really is that easy!

So now you can finally wave goodbye to the hassles of the other methods!

Don't need to login, don't need to compose - it's all done for you!

Here is a demonstration video showing you how easy it is in real-time [click here] to watch it full-screen.

And it's completely free, forever!

So what have you got to lose?

to download now!

Only takes a few moments to install!
N:B> we do not log nor save data used in this add-on/form.

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